Now your Hostess can do more!

Free up manpower with Ticktok's Automated system. No more calling customers and confusion.

With Ticktok Merchant, customers can be registered within a few seconds to join your restaurant’s queue. All entries are chronologically sequenced with live customer response updates. When a table is soon to be available, simply press the “ping” button and the next customer will receive an automated voice call. She can accept her table immediately by pressing “1” and the information is captured instantaneously.

With a glance, your waiting staff can determine if customers will be returning and manage table supply more effectively.

How it Works

Key Features

Customer Self Service Real Time Update Automated Calling
Deploy your waiting staff more efficiently by allowing customers to register themselves. Customers simply enter their name, mobile number and number of dining pax to join queue. A courtesy SMS will be sent immediately to the customer when they have entered their details.In the SMS, a url will be provided to check live queue status and even new dish recommendations. Save time with one touch automated calling when a seat is available. No more wasting time on missed calls and waiting for customer to return. It's that simple.
Live Customer Status Seated Duration Status Data Analytics
Reduce time interval between table turns with customer status. Know whether a customer is coming back to the restaurant and flexibly seat the next customer immediately. Identify how long a table has been occupied with our customised heat map view. Politely follow up with customers on desserts if they have been seating for too long. Know table turn times on weekdays and weekends with accuracy. Identify customers that bring the highest value to your restaurant with our data analytics dashboard.

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